• Preparation of the X-ray room
  • Preparation of the patient for X-ray examination
  • Conducting examination
  • Control of the patient's well-being during and after the examination.

You will be required to have:

  • Secondary professional or higher medical education;
  • Professional development within the last 3 years;
  • Skill in securing venous access;
  • Maintaining standards of service and ethics,
  • Fluency in Armenian and at least one foreign language,
  • Computer and internet literacy.

You are offered:

  • Working conditions corresponding to modern standards;
  • Competitive salary;
  • Medical insurance.

Additional notes:

  • Interested candidates can send their curriculum vitae (CV) to the email address provided.
  • Details about us are provided here: https://vardanants.am/hy/help/about-us
  • Interested candidates can also go through the given link and fill out the attached form.https://forms.gle/kouXsWvpyMA6XJ7m9