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Personal packages

This packages are designed to meet strict safety and regulatory requirements, ensuring the contents arrive safely and securely at their destination.

Our health packages are comprehensive diagnostic and/or treatment procedures comprising comprehensive services approved by WHO and modern medical science, ensuring a guaranteed result.

The comprehensive nature of these activities allows you to plan the most convenient sequence and schedule allowing to optimize your time on one hand and to save your money due to the lower prices offered for individual services on the other hand.

Better treatment results in case of complex intervention are confirmed by statistical data.

The difference between outpatient and inpatient care is almost eliminated in case of health package treatment providing the opportunity to receive care equivalent to specialized inpatient care without interrupting daily life.

In "Vardanants" we offer the following:

"Know yourself" preventive medical examination package.

By undergoing a comprehensive medical examination, you get a description of the complete state of your body. Medical examination provides such sensitive methods that allow almost all diseases to be diagnosed in the initial stages.

There are separate packages for women and men aged 19 to 37 and over 37.

"In the spotlight" is a program for disabled people over 75 and group 1-2. They need to undergo a medical examination twice a year, a doctor's consultation at least once a month, and weekly health monitoring at the initiative of the medical staff.

According to WHO guidelines, annual periodic examinations are mandatory for the population over 45 years of age.

"Healthy baby" provides an opportunity to ensure your child's health and control normal growth from the very first day of life with the help of experienced professionals, in comfortable conditions, in a caring and warm atmosphere. This package, including all activities planned by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia, is equipped with European luxury class services.

"Heal at home"/Day inpatient packages are designed for diseases that require monitoring of medication intake, injections, professional intervention and supervision throughout the day.

"Heal at home" package, you can receive treatment in accordance with hospital standards, in an environment familiar to you.

Why choose our packages?

Individual approach

Each of our packages is created taking into account the individual needs of visitors. We strive to provide you with the healthcare services you really need.

The best doctors

Get high-quality medical care with the help of professional specialists, with the latest equipment, in comfortable conditions.

Double quality control

The services provided under the packages are monitored through daily medical conferences led by service managers and also in the form of reports.

Saving time and money

Our packages allow you to save both time and money by providing comprehensive services.