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Traumatology and Orthopedics

Vardanants offers a comprehensive range of outpatient traumatology and orthopedic services.

Are you experiencing limb or spine pain, restricted joint movement, or leg fatigue? Perhaps you're concerned about postural deviations? Contact Vardanants' orthopedic surgeons.

Modern orthopedics is advancing rapidly, and procedures once exclusively performed in hospitals are now conducted on an outpatient basis following international standards. This approach not only saves time but also reduces hospital expenses.

The traumatology and orthopedic service at the Vardanants Center for Innovative Medicine provides:

  • All types of intra-articular injections under sonographic control, ensuring injection accuracy.
  • Correction and immobilization of dislocations and fractures with thermoplastic orthoses.
  • Production of individual orthopedic inserts for the feet.

(First, an accurate diagnosis is made to identify incorrectly loaded areas of the foot and deformities. Then, an orthopedic insert is custom-made to meet the patient’s needs. The insert is fabricated within 15-20 minutes. The treatment process is further monitored by a doctor).

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy injections:

(Promotes the activation of regenerative processes at the site of injury. The injection is completely safe and does not cause allergic reactions, as it is obtained from the patient’s blood).

  • Wrist surgery (for conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, removal of small metal structures).
  • Spinal blockades.

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Traumatologist Head of Surgical Services
Central clinic
Initial consultation with a traumatologist 10.000 AMD
Secondary consultation of a traumatologist 5.000 AMD
Joint puncture 5.000 AMD
Joint puncture with drug injection 12.000 AMD
Periferal Nerve Blockade Joints, Tendons, Ligaments. 12.000 AMD
Closed repositioning of small joint dislocation 5.000 AMD
Closed repositioning of patellar dislocation 10.000 AMD
Closed repositioning of dislocation of large joints 25.000 AMD
Closed repositioning and immobilization of small bones 20.000 AMD
Closed repositioning and immobilization of large bones 30.000 AMD
Orthopedic insoles: follow-up visit for correction 5.000 AMD
PRP therapy of joints and paraarticular area 30.000 AMD
Paravertebral blockade under ultrasound navigation 30.000 AMD
Orthotic insoles: plantoscopy 10.000 AMD
Individual orthopedic insoles (cost of 1 pair) 50.000 AMD
Z96.6, T84.4, T84.8, T84.9 Small implant removal (K-wires, plates, screws) 130.000 AMD
Ganglion cyst removal M67.4, M67.8, M67.9, M71.3, М71.2 50.000 AMD
Dissection with excision of the annular ligament of the metacarpophalangeal joint M65.3 110.000 AMD
Dissection of the palmar aponeurosis with excision M72.0" 120.000 AMD
Reduction of dislocations of the joints of the upper extremities(shoulder,elbow,hand joints)S43,S53 25.000 AMD
PCP of soft tissue wounds S41, S51, S61, S71, S81, S91 20.000 AMD
Excision of the bursae М70.1, М70.2, М70.3, М70.4, М71.5 50.000 AMD
Reposition immobilization of large small fractures of the bones of the upper and lower extremities 30.000 AMD
Intra-paraarticular injections under ultrasound navigation 20.000 AMD