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At “Vardanants” Mammology Department, you can undergo a comprehensive breast examination all in one day and in one place, which includes screening and diagnostics such as:

  • digital mammography examination
  • contrast mammography examination
  • ultrasound examination
  • If necessary: trephine biopsy, stereotactic and vacuum-assisted biopsy/.
  • palpable lump in the breast

When is it necessary to undergo examination?

Complete treatment of breast cancer often relies on early detection, before symptoms manifest.

For this reason, women (aged 40 and older) should undergo annual mammography screening, regardless of symptoms.

Younger women (under 40) are recommended to undergo regular sonographic examinations.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, do not delay seeking medical attention and consult a mammologist immediately:

  • redness of the breast skin
  • wounds on the skin or nipple
  • discharge of blood from the nipple
  • changes in breast skin texture (lemon peel type).

How to prepare for mammography?

  • It is recommended to have a mammogram one week after your menstrual period.
  • It is not recommended to use antiperspirants, perfumes, moisturizers or other care products before a mammogram.

They may affect the results and image quality.

Women can undergo mammography examinations at our center from Monday to Saturday until 18:00 at the Kochar branch (35/1).

Our examinations are conducted in a specialized mammography room equipped with state-of-the-art equipment (including the General Electric Senographe Pristina mammography system and the GE Versana Black ultrasound machine).

The mammography system enables:

  • Pain-free examinations
  • Early detection of oncological diseases due to its high informational content.

Call +𝟑𝟕𝟒 (𝟏𝟏) 𝟓𝟗 𝟐𝟏 𝟎𝟎 to schedule a breast examination.

Stay informed, safe and healthy.

Kochar branch
Initial consultation with a mammologist 10.000 AMD
Repeat consultation with a mammologist 5.000 AMD
Screening mammography 15.000 AMD
Mammography with breast ultrasound 25.000 AMD
Breast Puncture 15.000 AMD
Contrast enhanced Mammography 40.000 AMD
Core biopsy with cytological examination 50.000 AMD
Stereotactic core biopsy with histological examination 75.000 AMD
Fine needle aspiration with cytological exam and treatment 25.000 AMD