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The endocrinology service of "Vardanants" NPC carries out early detection, accurate diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases in accordance with international guidelines.
We have:

  • Control and treatment of diabetes. Attention is paid to lifestyle and diet, taking into account the individuality of the patient. The use of sugar-lowering tablets is made only on the basis of the latest international guidelines.
  • Complex examination and treatment of the thyroid gland, treatment of thyrotoxicosis. Early diagnosis of suspicious thyroid nodules is carried out with the help of high-sensitivity UDR device.
  • Treatment of obesity. requires a complex approach: physical activity, diet, as well as hormonal studies.

Endocrine patients treated at "Vardanants" Medical Center have the opportunity to receive consultation from other specialized specialists.

Central clinic
Initial consultation with an endocrinologist 10.000 AMD
Repeated endocrinologist consultation 5.000 AMD