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Day Hospital

Make yourself at home by becoming the owner of a private room in our medical center, rather than just a waiting visitor. Take advantage of the services offered at Vardanants day hospital and receive effective treatment without the need for a hospital stay.

Common situation?

  • Intravenous or drip injections are planned as prescribed by your doctor.
  • The medication you're using requires medical supervision.
  • Hypertensive crises or fluctuations in sugar levels are difficult to control.
  • You have two or more appointments with a specialist and prefer to see them at a separate location.
  • You prefer not to be hospitalized unless surgery is necessary.

Interesting offer:

The best solution to your problem is Vardanants day hospital, which offers high-quality medical care in comfortable conditions.

Get treatment during the day and enjoy the peace of your home in the evening.

Imagine and experience comfort:

The day hospital is an innovative form of medical care. At Vardanants, we provide a separate personal space where you can relax on a sofa that effortlessly transforms into a comfortable bed with the touch of a button.

You're offered soft drinks, tea, and coffee, and if you wish, you can order food from the restaurant “Bari”.

Staff by your side

At the nursing station, conveniently situated within your designated area, experienced and friendly nurses and paramedics vigilantly monitor your health, maintaining constant communication with your attending physician and the on-duty doctor. Regular doctor's visits occur every two hours, with additional visits scheduled as needed based on the patient's condition. If necessary, arrangements are made for consultations with narrow specialists or a council of doctors (consilium) is invited.

You can benefit from this attentive care from 9:00 to 21:00, for as long as necessary according to the doctor's prescriptions and your condition.

Features of the magic sofa for a day stay in a hospital

And so, you are settled onto your personal sofa, the staff on duty examined and assessed you, coordinating appointments and examinations with your treating doctor.

Organized directly on site:

  • collection of tests
  • ultrasonography
  • CT scan
  • x-ray
  • measuring temperature, blood pressure, oxygen content in the blood
  • physiotherapy and dressing sessions.

No chance of infection or viruses

Indoor air is continuously refreshed and disinfected for the sake of your health.

"Vardanants" feels like home

Throughout the day, you receive necessary treatment and care, returning to a normal family life in the evening.

All specialists examine and treat you at our medical center in one location.

Day hospital is particularly convenient for residents of remote areas.

Our medical staff is always by your side, providing care, attention, and health monitoring. We are prepared to provide everything you need for your comfort.

Individual approach

To achieve maximum results, treatment programs at the Day Hospital are tailored with an individualized approach, aiming for the shortest possible duration. All appointments are scheduled considering your biorhythms.

Recovery from various conditions

  • pneumonia or asthma
  • heart failure or hypertensive crisis
  • allergic reactions or kidney pain
  • acute bronchitis or pancreatitis

These and several other conditions are indications for treatment in a day hospital. Treatment follows specific procedures, ensuring improvement within 1-3 days, leading to sustained positive outcomes, allowing us to confidently say, “Vardanants heals.”

Sign up for treatment at the day hospital:

  • Visit us at 18/1 Vardanants st.
  • Call +374 11 59 21 00.
  • Consult with a doctor
  • register
Central clinic
Day care hospital for adults 15.000 AMD
Pediatric day care center 1 hour 6.000 AMD
Day care stay during non-working hours 25.000 AMD
Calcitonin 8.000 AMD
Amylase CITO 2.000 AMD
Lipase CITO 2.500 AMD
Glucose CITO 1.500 AMD
Creatinine CITO 1.500 AMD
Na+K+Cl CITO 4.000 AMD