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CT Scan

Accurate diagnosis of diseases is the cornerstone of medicine and the linchpin of effective treatment.

Modern diagnostic methods offer boundless possibilities, facilitating not only the early detection of health issues but also the precise prediction of the risks associated with many diseases.

We offer this service to our visitors at our address: 18/1 Vardanants Street, Yerevan, utilizing a SIEMENS Healthineers SOMATOM go. UP computed tomography device. This state-of-the-art technology minimizes side effects and provides extensive opportunities for interdisciplinary research and accurate diagnosis.

Before undergoing a CT examination with contrast, it's important to be aware of the following:

  • Do you have any allergies to iodine?
  • If you are taking metformin or L-thyroxine, refrain from taking these medications on the day of the test.
  • Prior to the examination (preferably on the day of or 1-2 days before), it's advisable to check the level of creatinine in your blood.

Aligned with our mission to provide quality medical care to the population, the Vardanants Innovative Medicine Center has been operational at the Sevan Medical Center since March 2019. We are dedicated to offering previously unavailable medical services to the population of the Gegharkunik region, utilizing a Japanese-made TOSHIBA Aquilion Prime 160 computed tomography scanning machine.

Central clinic
CT of the eyeballs, eyeballs and retrotbulbar space 16.000 AMD
CT scan of temporal bones 25.000 AMD
CT scan of the brain 25.000 AMD
CT scan of the neck 25.000 AMD
CT scan of 1 zone 25.000 AMD
CT scan of 2 zones 40.000 AMD
CT examination of 3 or more zones 45.000 AMD
Examination of 1 area by bolus contrast media 55.000 AMD
Examination of 2 areas by bolus contrast media 65.000 AMD
Examination of 3 or more areas by bolus contrast media 75.000 AMD
Repeated delivery of disk and film with CT results 5.000 AMD
Combined CT with urography 75.000 AMD
CT of paranasal sinuses 16.000 AMD
CT scan of the upper jaw 16.000 AMD
CT of the lower jaw 16.000 AMD
CT of upper and lower jaw 25.000 AMD
CT of brain and sinuses 40.000 AMD
CT of the chest 25.000 AMD
Abdominal CT 25.000 AMD
Pelvic CT 25.000 AMD
CT scan of the cervical spine 25.000 AMD
CT scan of the lumbosacral spine 25.000 AMD
CT scan of the thoracic spine 25.000 AMD
Repeat CT scan - 1 zone 15.000 AMD
Repeat CT scan - 2 zones 15.000 AMD
Repeat CT scan - 3 or more zones 20.000 AMD
Repeat disk with CT results 2.000 AMD
CT angiography 65.000 AMD
Repeated CT disk delivery 10.000 AMD
Interpretation of CT discs 20.000 AMD