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«Vardanants» provides the following medical interventions: injections, oxygen therapy, rapid testing, and also surgical interventions (bandaging, removal of external foreign bodies).

Central clinic
Intramuscular injection 1.000 AMD
Subcutaneous injection 1.000 AMD
Intravenous injection 1.500 AMD
Intravenous infusions 3.000 AMD
Collection of biological material 1.000 AMD
Oxygen therapy (cost per 1 hour) 2.000 AMD
Dressing 3.000 AMD
Removal of superficial foreign body 20.000 AMD
Anesthesia (up to 30 min) 20.000 AMD
Anesthesia (more than 30 min) 30.000 AMD
Post-intervention bandaging 0 AMD
Bisphosphonate injections 20.000 AMD
Single injection 10.000 AMD
Sampling for PCR for coronavirus (Covid-19) 3.000 AMD
Thyroid puncture 10.000 AMD
Intramuscular, subcutaneous, intravenous injections at home 10.000 AMD
Intravenous infusions at home 20.000 AMD
Repeat home visit for intravenous infusion 12.000 AMD
Oxygen therapy at home (24 hours) 16.000 AMD
Repeated home visit for intramuscular, subcutaneous, intravenous injections 5.000 AMD
Emergency nursing service 0 AMD