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May 24, 2023

Self-confident women choose MODERN AND EFFECTIVE solutions health problems.

And what technologies exist that allow you to get rid of female problems? Such technologies were discussed at the seminar "RETURNING YOUTH".

Gynecologist of the Center for Innovative Medicine "Vandanants" Meline Balayan told participants of the seminar about the new possibilities of modern technologies.

In just 2-3 interventions, without pain, in a matter of minutes, you can cure:

  • Urinary incontinence;
  • Decreased elasticity and sensitivity of the vagina;
  • Postpartum scars;
  • Uterine prolapse and other problems.

The participants of the seminar were interested in the advantages and effectiveness of the miracle laser C02. All wanted to know if the device had side effects.

Meline Balayan assured that this modern method of treatment has no side effects, moreover, there is no need for special training and no age restrictions.

The specialist also said that the MonaLisa Touch multifunctional device allows work with more than 100 programs, and you can set up an individual program for each patient.

With the help of this miracle laser of the latest generation, highly qualified specialists of the MC

"Vardanants" non-surgical solve gynecological, medical and aesthetic Problems.