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Know yourself

The modern individual seeks to be armed to maintain health and well-being in today's turbulent environment. And, the key to success is the right strategy, just like on the battlefield:

A. identify and recognize the risks
B. classify them
C. develop a prevention plan
D. involve personnel implementing the plan

First of all, all this concerns health.

Whose health, you might ask?

The annual general medical examination is intended for those who feel healthy as per the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). Therefore, if you feel healthy and want to make sure that it is valid, then the "Know Yourself" package of comprehensive preventive medical examination is just for you.

How to do it? Let's look at the elements of the strategy to answer the question.

A. Identification of risks

The package was developed by medical scientists and includes examinations and screenings that identify the main risks to an individual living an active life.

These are:

  • cardiovascular diseases due to atherosclerosis, which account for 38% of the causes of morbidity
  • oncological diseases: 18%
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: 8%
  • diabetes: 6%.

Preventive measures are aimed at revealing the signs of diseases of these groups.

B. Classification of risks

It becomes possible to predict the examinee's

  • cardiovascular and respiratory
  • visual and auditory
  • endocrine and genitourinary
  • the state of the gastrointestinal and nervous systems with high accuracy.

C. Planning of activities

A various toolsets are used for this purpose.


1. Filling out the questionnaire recalling all the details in the questionnaire developed by specialists in a calm environment.

2. examinations of narrow specialists/ophthalmologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, dentist, urologist/gynecologist

3. laboratory tests:

  • general
  • biochemical
  • oncomarkers
  • genetic
  • PCR
  • Pap test

4. instrumental examinations:

  • Ultrasound examination
  • X-ray/CT
  • Treadmill test
  • Electroneuromyography
  • Spirometry

D. Executive staff

As you can see, the annual medical examination is a comprehensive process, and in order to make you feel comfortable during it, "Vardanants" assigns you a case manager who organizes your visits, meets and guides you at all stages of the medical examination.

Young and excellent doctors, caring nurses are waiting for you in the rooms.

You might think that it might be time-consuming and tedious.

Judge for yourself!

Steps to join "Know Yourself" plan:

1. choose one of two package options: Basic or Deluxe
2: fill out the Questionnaire, click "send" button
3: familiarize yourself with the rules of preparing for examinations
4. You will be contacted by your personal manager to plan the most convenient dates of your visits and to discuss the actions to get prepared for the examination.

"Know Yourself" package is for you. It is your important investment today for a healthy future.

Experienced doctors and modern equipment of "Vardanants" will make it possible to KNOW YOURSELF and, if necessary, receive the best treatment.

You can also get the package by calling +374 41 100 157

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Package "Know Yourself Deluxe" for women 19-37l. 380.000 AMD
Package "Know Yourself Deluxe" for women 37+l. 474.500 AMD
Package "Know Yourself, Deluxe" for men 19-37l. 335.000 AMD
Discover Yourself Deluxe Package for men 37+l. 444.500 AMD
Discover Yourself Basic Package for women 19-37l. 253.000 AMD
Discover Yourself Basic Package for women 37+l. 267.500 AMD
Discover Yourself Basic Package for men 19-37l. 228.000 AMD
Know Yourself Basic Package for men 37+l. 272.500 AMD