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Preparation conditions for gastroscopy
  • On the day before the examination, take food before 20:00 in the evening.

Liquids (water, non-carbonated mineral waters, tea) can be consumed until the morning of the next day.

Take all regular medications (pressure or sleep). Brush your teeth in the evening.

  • Brush your teeth on the day of the examination.

The last intake of liquid is allowed 4 hours before the examination. The volume of liquid should not exceed 100 ml.

Stop smoking, chewing gum.

You can take your blood pressure medicine, thyroid medicine (L-thyroxine) in the morning from your regular medicines, and take your diabetes medicine with you.

Visit the center 15 minutes before the examination.
Wear comfortable clothing without a tight collar.

In case of anesthesia, it is desirable that you have an escort.

It is not recommended to drive a car for about 3 hours after anesthesia.