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A representative of the "Vardanants" center for innovative medicine will contact you within one working day proposing the most convenient day and time for the medical examination and discussing how to prepare for the examination. Get familiar with the conditions to prepare for the medical examination here.

How to prepare for the medical examination and what to expect when visiting "Vardanants"?

Entrance and registration

Plan your visit so that you get to the center 15 minutes early. Consider that it takes 10-20 minutes to find a parking space. You will be offered coffee if you come a little earlier.

The information desk is located to the right of the entrance. Introduce yourself to the employee, stating the purpose of the visit. The latter will invite your personal manager, who will organize the smooth course of the medical examination.

Selection of appropriate clothing for medical examination

Coat and bag should be left in the dressing room. Your personal belongings are controlled by the video surveillance system.

Please come to the medical examination in loose clothing. We also ask women to remove their bra before the breast CT scan. Changing clothes in advance will save time for you and the next visitors.


Please enable or disable the silent mode of the phone in advance.

If necessary, they will help you make the payment and accompany you to examination.

Health Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Fill out the health self-assessment online in advance, recalling all the details in a relaxed environment. It will save twice as much time compared to filling out the questionnaire on the spot.

The questionnaire developed by specialists will enable the doctor to get a preliminary idea of your health condition.

Your medical examination will consist of 3 parts and will be organized during 2 or 3 visits. Each of your visits to our center will last 2-2.5 hours.

PART 1 Laboratory tests.

PART 2 Examination of narrow specialists, instrumental examinations.

PART 3 Consultation with a doctor, provision of a medical conclusion.

Completion of medical examination and provision of medical conclusion

After completing the examinations, a doctor's consultation is planned (during your second or third visit). The medical report will be provided in paper form, and if necessary, it can also be sent to your e-mail address.