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"Vardanants" will help you to overcome insomnia
June 19, 2023
"Vardanants" will help you to overcome insomnia

Mrs. Rima started suffering from insomnia when her son was serving in the army.

"Thank God, my son returned safe and sound, but even after that I do not sleep at night.

I have reduced the amount of coffee, I drink sedatives once in a while, no effect, I am thinking of going to the doctor," she says.

The causes of insomnia, the underlying neurological diseases were the topics of the regular interdisciplinary meeting at "Vardanants" Center for Innovative Medicine.

Hripsime Podosyan, Head of Neurology Service and general practitioner Liana Kirakosyan presented to colleagues neurological and therapeutic aspects of insomnia, emphasizing the importance of primary care setting in timely diagnosing the problem and undertaking all possible prevention measures. Modern effective drugs were also discussed, giving importance to not taking sleeping pills without consulting a doctor.

“If insomnia has already become common, and physical activity, exercises, outdoor walking and meditation do not help to overcome it, you should seek the advice of specialists to make friends with sleep,” "Vardanants" doctors recommend.