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The warming climate impacts the skin: Dermatology Symposium

June 12, 2024
<p><span style="color:;"><strong>The warming climate impacts the skin: Dermatology Symposium</strong></span></p>

Exhausted of hiding skin imperfections?

Your aspiration for achieving smooth and radiant skin is on the verge of becoming a reality!

Dermatologist Marine Sargsyan has returned from Malta, equipped with new knowledge!

She attended the Symposium hosted by the European Association of Dermatologists.

The discussion revolved around the novel methods for treating acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and examining moles.

Furthermore, during the discussion it was noted that the changing climate impacts the skin.

“This symposium holds importance not only for dermatologists but also for the patients." the president of the European Association of Dermatologists stated in his welcome speech, emphasizing the significance of the event.

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