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Summer of Your heart!

July 01, 2024
<p><span style="color:;"><strong>Summer of Your heart!</strong></span></p>

As the chief kapellmeister of your life, the heart requires special attention, especially in the summer.

Hot weather overloads the heart. Blood vessels dilate, and blood pressure drops. People with heart failure and coronary diseases are at risk.

The advices of our cardiologists help you enjoy the summer with a calm heart:

  • Eat easily digestible food
  • If there is no indication to limit the amount of fluids taking into account heart failure, drink 2-2.5 liters of water per day
  • Pay attention to the complaints: dyspnea, difficulty in breathing, blood pressure spikes.

In case of having these symptoms, a consultation with a cardiologist is required. Call by telephone number +374 (11) 59 21 00.