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Today is world heart day
October 06, 2023
Today is world heart day

Cardiovascular diseases as well as heart attacks and strokes are the primary cause of death worldwide. According to the WHO, every other death is caused by cardiovascular diseases, accounting for about 18 million cases a year, with at least 75% of those being registered in low- to middle-income countries.

In Armenia the premature mortality rate of cardiovascular diseases among men exceeds that of women by 1.6 times.

“That most likely has to do with the fact that middle-aged and older men are at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases due to factors such as excess weight, excessive drinking and smoking etc.”, notes Ani Aleksanyan, cardiologist at “Vardanants” CIM.

Our specialist advices keeping in mind that the following factors are harmful to the heart:

  • unhealthy diet
  • alcohol abuse
  • smoking
  • sedentary lifestyle.

In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is also key to do some health checkups at least once a year in order to discover and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

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