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The rehabilitation service at "Vardanants"
November 30, 2023
The rehabilitation service at "Vardanants"

The rehabilitation service will assist you in all musculoskeletal system-related problems. The treatment helps in the restoration, maintenance and improvement of the body functions that have been damaged for some reason. At the moment, service offers kinesiotherapy and physiotherapy.

Mariam Mkhitaryan, the head of the rehabilitation service, states the cases when one should apply to the rehabilitation service:

"We can provide consultation in all cases where a spinal hernia, widespread pain along the entire spine or localized pain in any part of the spine, gait biomechanics and balance disorder, stroke, brain and spinal cord injuries are present."

The list of cases for which one can turn to the rehabilitation center is not limited to the ones provided above.

The rehabilitation center staff is composed of professionals with a high professional qualification and rich experience in the field. If necessary, collaboration is established with neurologists, traumatologists, cardiologists in order to provide more targeted and effective treatment.

An individual treatment plan is developed for each patient as a result of the consultation with the rehabilitation specialist.

For a consultation with a rehabilitation specialist please call and register: +𝟯𝟳𝟰 𝟭𝟭 𝟱𝟵 𝟮𝟭