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Pregnancy full of bright colors and sparkling emotions
July 03, 2023
Pregnancy full of bright colors and sparkling emotions

The latest generation 4D fetal ultrasound machine will make your pregnancy exciting.

Do you want to see the movements of your unborn baby in real time, study his features, enjoy his first smile – get registered for an ultrasound scan.

Our new Voluson E 10 machine has made a real breakthrough in gynecology and obstetrics.

By Voluson E 10 we are aligning our country's 4D technologies to the standards accepted in the USA in 2023.

The machine enables to:

— carry out thorough screening from the first trimester of pregnancy;

— get highly accurate information to assess development of fetal organ systems.

A nice bonus for future parents; you will receive photos and videos of your baby as a gift.

In addition to monitoring of pregnancy, this machine detects the most complex women's health problems.

Three-dimensional 3D examination of lesser pelvis organs is of particular importance in diagnosing and solving problems of female organs. 3D ultrasound creates images that cannot be obtained using other machines.

Volumetric ultrasound images can be studied simultaneously in several dimensions, which allows to study organs from all sides.

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