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Migraine: the latest treatment approaches
December 04, 2023
Migraine: the latest treatment approaches

"One of the main reasons for work incapacity is headache. It occurs more often in women, mostly at the age of 30-39:" introduced Astghik Sujyan, a neurologist at "Vardanants" CIM, at the conference organized by the Armenian Association of Young Doctors.

"Migraine. the latest treatment approaches" one of the main messages of the presentation was what to pay attention to. A migraine is characterized by a unilateral, pulsating headache that may be accompanied by:

  • nausea
  • hypersensitivity to sounds, lights and smells
  • lasting 4-72 hours.

And what can contribute to the occurrence of migraine? Stress, hormonal fluctuations, sleep disturbance, smoking or smoke, and even weather changes can contribute to migraine.

At the end, a small test by our neurologist. If you answer yes to 4 or more questions, then most likely you have a migraine and you need to seek the help of a specialist.

  1. Do you have frequent or intense headaches?
  2. Does your headache last longer than 4 hours?
  3. Do you have nausea accompanying the headache?
  4. Are you sensitive to light or sound during a headache?
  5. Does the headache limit your physical or mental activity?

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