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"Masked" disease: multiple sclerosis
May 11, 2023
"Masked" disease: multiple sclerosis

Patients with "vague" complaints have at least 5-6 visits to different primary care practitioners and get the correct diagnosis in a period of up to one year.

This refers to multiple sclerosis. 2.5 million people live with multiple sclerosis worldwide. It is misdiagnosed in every 5th patient. Some have chronic fatigue or some memory loss, while others have diplopia, sharp vision loss or severe dizziness, which makes diagnosis difficult.

"Our 31-year-old patient had hand weakness and sudden vision deterioration during the past six months, he suspected that it was due to stress," shares her experience Hripsime Podosyan, Head of Neurology Service of "Vardanants" CIM.

Examinations show that vitamin D deficiency and Epstein-Barr virus are among the triggering factors. The frequency of encountering multiple sclerosis increases along with moving away from the equator.

Our neurologists will find the real causes of the problem from mixed symptoms and will establish control to prevent complications of the disease.