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The newest mammographic equipment is already in "Vardanants"
December 11, 2023
The newest mammographic equipment is already in "Vardanants"

The mammology service of the "Vardanants" Center for Innovative Medicine has been equipped with the latest state-of-art mammography equipment. It is already being assembled, and soon women will be able to undergo mammography with us.

"The equipment provides an opportunity of performing three-dimensional high-quality imaging, as well as contrast mammography, which allows detecting multi-focal and small-focal growths in the breast," says Nerses Berberyan, the head of the mammology service of "Vardanants" CIM.

In other words, this equipment provides the opportunity of detecting cancer at the earliest stages and therefore completely overcoming the disease.

One of the advantages of the equipment is the possibility of stereotactic biopsy. In all cases, when the tumor is not clearly visible through sonography, it is well visualized only by mammography and when it is larger than 5 mm, it is necessary to perform a simple trephine biopsy under mammographic guidance, called stereotactic biopsy.

Our mammologist, oncoplastic breast surgeon Nerses Berberyan also emphasizes that pain can no longer be a reason to avoid mammography. This equipment has a self-squeezing function which works by a small panel exercised by women to control the amount of squeezing to their discretion during the examination.