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Your questions were answered by mammographer Lusine Hakobyan

March 25, 2024
<p><strong>Your questions were answered by mammographer Lusine Hakobyan</strong></p>

Have you ever wondered how to properly maintain breast health?

Lusine Hakobyan, a mammographer, doctor-radiologist, answered your questions. The answers are below.

Question - If no problems are found during the sonographic examination, is there a need for the woman to undergo a mammogram?

Answer - In order to detect and overcome breast cancer at an early stage, women over the age of 40 should perform a mammographic examination once a year, regardless of sonography results.

You can have a screening mammogram once every 35 to 40 years so that you have baseline tissue data at the age of 40 for a more accurate assessment of your health.

Question - Many cysts were found through sonography, is there a need for mammography and treatment? Thank you in advance.

Answer – The cysts usually do not require treatment unless they are in a complicated state. Otherwise, consultation with a thoracic surgeon is necessary.

Question - Dear doctor, it's been 4 years since a breast cyst was discovered, every year I undergo an examination, there is no significant change, it shrinks a little or vice versa, what do you think about the operation?

Answer - Simple cysts are usually not operated on but monitored dynamically. However, in the case of complicated cysts, it is necessary to consult with a thoracic surgeon, the decision is subject to change.