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“Each day, you are making the world healthier, and thus, happier.”

June 21, 2024
<p><span style="color:;"><i><strong>“Each day, you are making the world healthier, and thus, happier.”</strong></i></span></p>

Congratulatory message of Dr Levon Altunyan, General Director of "Vardanants" CIM, on the occasion of the Day of Medical Workers

Dear Vardanants`s team,

I warmly congratulate you on the occasion of your professional holiday, Medical Workers' Day!

This day reminds us of your immense importance and invaluable help to patients who hopes to be treated based on your skills and knowledge.

May each of you take pride in your profession, knowing that the slogan "Vardanants Heals" comes to life through your daily work.

Testing of clinical protocol’s knowledges, feedback, clinical conferences, conciliums, individual professional growth plans, and service quality control transform our center every day, enhancing public trust and respect.

Thank you all for your joint efforts. You make the world healthier, and therefore happier, every day.

I wish all of you continuous professional growth, wellness, and peace in your families.


Levon Altunyan

General Director of "Vardanants" CIM