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Treatment of heel spur by shockwave therapy
June 23, 2023
Treatment of heel spur by shockwave therapy

Neither your shoes will be stretched,

Nor the pain will ease...

P. Sevak, of course, wrote about other pain, but we remembered these lines having heard the following complaints:

You experience sharp pain in the heels;

Cannot put your foot on the ground;

Constantly change shoes, but in vain.

These symptoms may indicate extra bone growth in heel.

At the department of physical therapy of "Vardanants" heel spur is treated by shockwave therapy using the latest BTL-6000 SWT device.

Shockwave therapy wears off the heel spur and contributes to improvement of inflammatory process.

Duration of one session is 5 minutes, in order to achieve complete result, doctors recommend completing the full course, up to 8 visits.

Start walking without pain.

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