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Kidney stones: is it possible to prevent?
June 20, 2023
Kidney stones: is it possible to prevent?

A kidney stones are formed due to concentration of crystals, insoluble salt in the urine.

Kidney stones can cause sharp pain in back or the lower abdomen.

The best way to prevent urolithiasis is to make sure you drink enough fluid each day. Drinking 2-3 liters of fluid is considered optimal.

The fluid increases the volume of blood circulation through the kidneys and prevents accumulation of excess salts. Fluid does not mean strong tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, but plain drinking water or sugar-free vegetable or fruit juices.

It should be remembered that mineral water is not good for kidneys, it contains large amount of various minerals that make kidneys to overwork. Moreover, overuse of mineral water may itself cause formation of stones in kidneys.

There is a common myth, in which particularly beer lovers believe, that beer helps to remove kidney stones. It is misbelief. Quite the opposite, beer cause the kidneys to work much harder and contributes to formation of kidney stones.

It is worthy of note that kidneys "love movement". Sedentary and passive lifestyle may lead to blood circulation disorder in lumbar region and lesser pelvis, which may affect kidney function.

People who have inherited predisposition must undergo an ultrasound scan of kidneys (sonography) once a year.

In the case of already formed stones, it is too late to talk about prevention. Consultation with a urologist is required to receive the necessary treatment.