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When visit an endocrinologist? "Vanadzor-Vardanants"

May 29, 2024
<p><strong>When visit an endocrinologist? "Vanadzor-Vardanants"</strong></p>

Are you familiar with the following problems?

  • strangled in the throat,
  • weakness, fatigue,
  • changes in the weight,
  • nausea, pressure fluctuations,
  • dry skin.

According to the opinion of doctor Hasmik Zawaryan, the endocrinologist of "Vanadzor-Vardanants", these may be the first warnings of thyroid problems.

Don't postpone a visit to an endocrinologist!

Please call by telephone number +𝟯𝟳𝟰 𝟭𝟭 𝟱𝟵 𝟮𝟭 𝟬𝟬 to register for the consultation in "Vanadzor-Vardanants".