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The day inpatient care service has been opened at "Vardanants"

December 27, 2023
<p><strong>The day inpatient care service has been opened at "Vardanants"</strong></p>

The day inpatient care service of our medical center is already accepting its first visitors.

What is day inpatient care?

You receive the necessary hospital treatment and care here, but you do not spend the night in the hospital. Day inpatient is intended for cases where medication administration control, injections, including intravenous drip, professional intervention are needed throughout the day. At the same time, the necessary examinations are being organized.

Why choose day inpatient care?

Time saving

You can avoid leaving home for a long time and return to your daily life in the evening, to your familiar environment.

Financial savings

Day inpatient is an alternative to 24-hour hospitalization with lower costs (you avoid paying for an overnight hospital stay).

Individual approach

An individual treatment plan is developed by the doctor of the day inpatient based on your needs.

Day inpatient care is provided on the second floor of the central branch (Vardanants 18/1) in comfortable rooms.

You can contact us by calling: +𝟑𝟕𝟒 (𝟏𝟏) 𝟓𝟗 𝟐𝟏 𝟎𝟎