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How to live longer?
June 09, 2023
How to live longer?

"I will never forget the day when I received a phone call and learned that my friend was diagnosed with breast cancer during a regular medical checkup. Then the difficult period of fight against the disease began. Fortunately, the disease was detected at an early stage and the treatment gave positive result. She overcame cancer," says Mrs. Anahit (name is changed).

This is one of the rare cases when happy outcome was ensured thanks to timely consultation with the doctor.

That phone call is the reason why Mrs. Anahit no longer postpones doctor’s appointment and passes medical checkup once a year.

"One and a half hour at the doctor's during a year, and I live worriless."

"One of 3 visitors who undergo annual medical checkup are diagnosed with diseases related to thyroid gland, including malignant nodes. Uterine myoma are also detected very frequently, and in all these cases, people generally do not have any complaints," says Hermine Poghosyan, sonographer of "Vardanants" Center for Innovative Medicine.

In order to live a long and healthy life "Vardanants" recommends to undergo general medical examination once a year, especially when you feel completely healthy. For this purpose, the "Get to know yourself" package has been developed, the research included in which make it possible to detect diseases at a time when there are more opportunities for their treatment.