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Haykanush Margaryan

Family doctor


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Work experience

13․10․2022 to present - "Vardanants" Center for Innovative Medicine, therapist, Vanadzor, Armenia

07․03․2022 -08․07․2022 - Vanadzor Polyclinic No. 3, district therapist, Vanadzor, Armenia

01․08․2019-28․10․2021 - Lori Regional Blood Transfusion Station, Director, Vanadzor, Armenia

01․02․2016-01․08․2019 - Vanadzor No. 1 polyclinic, district therapist, Vanadzor, Armenia

06․01․2015-30.10.2019 - Lori regional blood transfusion station, therapist, Vanadzor, Armenia

01.03.1998-28․09․2016 - Vanadzor No. 4 polyclinic, district therapist, Lori region, Armenia

01․06․2015-30․12․2015 - Cooperation with World Vision Armenia, teacher, Lori region, Armenia

02․05․2011-30․12․2013 - Cooperation with the American University of Armenia, monitoring group, interviews, Lori region, Armenia

06․01․2006-30.12.2010 - Cooperation with USAID PHCR: health care quality coordinator, Lori region, Armenia

07.01․2001-30.05.2005 - Cooperation within the framework of the USAID pilot PADCO program, therapist, Vanadzor, Armenia

02.02.1998-01.09.2007 - Vanadzor Hospital No. 2, duty therapist, Vanadzor, Armenia.


2004-2005 - National Institute of Health named after Academician S. Avdalbekyan of RA Ministry of Health, chair of family medicine, specialization of family doctor, Yerevan, Armenia

1997-1998 - Vanadzor Hospital No. 1, General Practice Doctor, Internship, Vanadzor, Armenia

1991-1997 - Yerevan State Medical University named after M. Heratsi, medical department, Yerevan, Armenia

Academic activity

14-25.11.2022 - Improvement training course for family doctors and therapists: "Autoimmune diseases in general medical practice", RA Ministry of Health, Vanadzor, Armenia

23.04.2022 – Training course: "Management of chronic diseases according to international guidelines" , RA Ministry of Health, Vanadzor, Armenia

28.05.2022 - Training course: "Lessons not learned in antibacterial therapy", RA Ministry of Health, Vanadzor, Armenia

16.05-01.07.2022 - Training coursefor therapists: "Features of diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases", RA Ministry of Health, Yerevan, Armenia

08-09.07.2022 Course: "Reform of the management of COVID-19 in the PHC sector", RA Ministry of Health, Tsaghkadzor, Armenia

24.05.2021 - Training for heads, deputies and department heads of the health care system: "Health Care Management", RA Ministry of Health, Vanadzor, Armenia

27.08.2020 - Training course:for senior and middle medical workers: "New coronavirus infection, viral hepatitis, HIV infection", RA Ministry of Health, Vanadzor, Armenia

03.02.2018 - Training course for cardiologists, neurologists, therapists and family doctors: "Modern approaches to the treatment of ischemic heart disease", RA Ministry of Health, Yerevan, Armenia

21-23.03.2018 - Training coursefor family doctors and pediatricians: "Modern approaches to the management of the most common endocrine and ophthalmic diseases among children", RA Ministry of Health, Yerevan, Armenia

27-28.04.2018 - Training course: "Improving the quality of medical care", RA Ministry of Health, Vanadzor, Armenia

13.06.2018 - Training course: for therapists, family doctors, neurologists, cardiologists: "Pain and sleep, modern approaches to treatment" , RA Ministry of Health, Vanadzor, Armenia

21.09.2018 - Training course for therapists, rheumatologists, cardiologists, family doctors and neurologists: " Internal Diseases", RA Ministry of Health, Armenia

23.09.2018 - Training course for oncologists, oncosurgeons, chemotherapists, urologists and gynecologists: "Oncology", RA Ministry of Health, Gyumri, Armenia

18.10.2018 - Training course for cardiologists: "Complications of thrombosis and thromboembolism in the daily routine of a doctor", RA Ministry of Health, Vanadzor, Armenia

22.09.2018 - Training course for gynecologists, urologists and sexologists: "Men's and Women's Health", RA Ministry of Health, Gyumri, Armenia

06.10.2017 - Training course for endocrinologists, therapists and family doctors: "Current issues of treatment of patients with diabetes and self-monitoring training", RA Ministry of Health, Yerevan, Armenia

19-20.05.2016 - Congress of the Eurasian Association of Therapists: "Main Models of Patient Management", RA Ministry of Health, Yerevan, Armenia

26-27․11․2016 - Training coursefor gynecologists and family doctors: "Women's Health", "Astghik" Medical Center, Vanadzor, Armenia

01․10․2016 - "Standards and approaches of clinical transfusiology", Institute of training of doctors, Moscow, RF

Teaching experience

01.11.2008-09.2010 - RA Ministry of Health, National Institute of Health, Department of Family Medicine, clinical instructor, Vanadzor, Armenia

01.09.1999-01.11.2008 - Vanadzor State Pedagogical University, Chair of Medicine, Lecturer of Basics of Medicine and Emergency Medicine

01.09.1998-01.08.1999 - Vanadzor State Medical University, lecturer of medical ethics and deontology, Armenia

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