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Astghik Ter-Vardanyan



September 2006-September 2010- YSMU, Internal Diseases Chair N 1, Post Graduate Study on Internal Diseases, PhD

September 2003-September 2006- National Healthcare Institute, Cardiology Chair, Clinical Residensy, “Erebouni” Medical Center, Intensive Cardiology Department

1997-2003- YSMU after Mkhitar Heratsi, General Medicine Faculty

1986-1996- School N 172 with English bias

Work experience

May 2015-present- “Vardanants” Center for Innovative Medicine, therapist

November 2010- present- “Heratsi” University Hospital Complex N 1, therapist

September 2006-November 2010- “Heratsi” University Hospital Complex N 1, Cardiology Clinic, cardiologist

Professional Trainings

October 2017-December 2017-YSMU, Intensive Cardiology Chair, “Heratsi” University Hospital Complex N 1, Department of General and Invasive Cardiology, training course in Cardiology

June 2015- YSMU, Cardiology Chair, Institute of Cardiology after L.A. Hovhannisyan, Basics on Echocardiography

September 2014- Training Course “Modern Issues of Intensive Cardiology”, “Erebouni” Medical Center, Intensive Cardiology Department

February 2011-April 2011- Training Course in Cardiology, “Muratsan” Medical Center, Cardiology Clinic

May 2006-August 2006- YSMU after Mkhitar Heratsi, Ultrasound Research and Education Center after Thomas Jefferson, Diagnostic Echocardiography

Author of 7 scientific articles.