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Jaghinyan Angelika



Armenian, Russian, English

Work Experience

From 19․02․2024 to present: “Vardanants” Center for Innovative Medicine, Yerevan, Armenia, Rheumatologist

From 01․02․2024 to present: Policlinic No 1, Rheumatologist, Vanadzor, Armenia

From 11․09․2023 to present: “Vardanants” Center for Innovative Medicine, Yerevan, Armenia, development of procedures

01.01-01․11․2023: «NAREG» Co-investigator of the All-Armenian Registry of Autoimmune and Autoinflammatory Diseases, Yerevan, Armenia

01․11-01․11․2023: «JIR cohort», Co-Investigator of the International Cohort Study of Pediatric Rheumatic Diseases, Yerevan, Armenia

01․11․2022- 01․11․2023: «EUSTAR», Co-Investigator of the International Scleroderma Disease Cohort Study, Yerevan, Armenia


2021-2023: Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi, clinical residency in Rheumatology, Yerevan, Armenia

2015-2021: Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi, faculty of medicine, Yerevan, Armenia

Academic activity

19․04․2024: Masterclass: Interstitial Lung Disease in Scleroderma, World Scleroderma Foundation, online, Athens, Greece

15-16․03․2024: Conference, JIR Winter School, Unlocking Solutions in Autoinflammatory Disease, virtual, Switzerland

14.03.2024: Conference: “Opportunities for Quantitative and Qualitative Bone Assessment in Osteoporosis Management”, Osteoporosis Center, Yerevan, Armenia

17-18․01․2024: Immunology International Masterclass, Santé Arménie, Yerevan, Armenia

12-14.01.2024: 4th International Interstitial Lung Disease Symposium: Interstitial Lung Disease in Rheumatic Disorders, World Scleroderma Foundation, Balerna, Switzerland, virtual

28․11․2023: Discussion: "Polymorbid patient". today's "hero", Armenian Association of Young Doctors, Yerevan, Armenia

16.10.2023: Autoinflammatory diseases, JIR academy, Switzerland, virtual

16.10․2023: Unlocking the Secrets of Colchicine Resistance, JIR academy, Switzerland, virtual

05.10.2023: Pitfalls in PFAPA SURF diagnosis and treatment, JIR academy, Switzerland, virtual

8-10․09․2023: 12th Annual Lupus Conference, Lupus Academy, Barcelona, Spain, virtual

01․09․2023: Lupus nephritis, JIR academy, Switzerland, virtual

06.04.2023: Lupus skin manifestations, Lupus academy, Florence, Italy, virtual

20․09․2023: VII National Conference of Rheumatologists, Yerevan, Armenia

10․07․2023: 6IMCA Rheumatology Satellite Symposium, Yerevan, Armenia

06.07.2023: 6tհ IMCA, Yerevan, Armenia

04․07․2023: 6tհ IMCA, Satellite Symposium: “Bone loss from cancer and other diseases”, Yerevan, Armenia

20-21.05.2023: International Conference: "Interprofessional Discussion of Combined Diseases", Armenian Association of Family Physicians and Armenian Association of Internal Medicine, Yerevan, Armenia

12․05․2023: Conference: "New Approaches to Osteoporosis Treatment," Osteoporosis Center, Yerevan, Armenia

11․05․2022: Conference: “Latest news in the field of osteoporosis”, Osteoporosis Center, Yerevan, Armenia

20․10․2021: Conference dedicated to World Osteoporosis Day, Osteoporosis Center, Yerevan, Armenia

09․09․2021: VI National Conference of Rheumatologists, Association of Rheumatologists of Armenia, Garni, Armenia

Practical skills

Intra-articular injections.

Membership to professional associations

From 2023- Member of Lupus academy

From 2023- Member of JIR academy

Scientific works and articles

2024 - Co-author of the book “Vardanants Center Heals!"